Mark Saunders Has Capitalized On Abundant Real Estate Opportunities In North Carolina

Mark Saunders NC


A combination of drive, desire and know-how have paid dividends for Mark Saunders of North Carolina. That’s because Mr. Saunders has made a name for himself in the local real estate sector through decades of design, development and construction. The mark he has left on Brunswick County and southeastern North Carolina is evident in every home that Mark Saunders Luxury Homes and The Coastal Companies have erected. If you’re looking to learn more about Mark Saunders’ North Carolina construction endeavors, you’ve come to the right place.

The road to real estate began as far back as grade and high school. At that time, Mr. Saunders was already thinking in terms of blueprints as he dreamed about designing and building homes and other buildings that people could be proud of living and working in. The Richmond, Virginia native would opt to study at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, better known as Virginia Tech. Naturally, the budding building expert would choose to study business management and architecture. Following college, Mark Saunders would go to work for fabric manufacturer Burlington Industries. This textile company describes itself as a supplier of “advanced performance fabrics.”

Around this time, Mark Saunders would visit Brunswick County, in North Carolina, for the first time. Seeing the business opportunities it presented, he would double down on home-design and building efforts as The Coastal Companies began to take shape. As so often is the case, Mr. Saunders would need to devote much personal time and energy into this effort. This would see him working alongside construction crews during daylight hours then returning home to complete office-oriented work, such as designing homes and managing business-related functions. These efforts laid the groundwork for Mark Saunders Luxury Homes and The Coastal Companies, which prides itself on the concept of “five-sided architecture.” In short, this all-encompassing promise that Mr. Saunders makes to clients means every aspect of the structure will be given its due attention. The net result of this approach is that each structure that goes from concept to construction is a unique item for residents and tenants to be proud of.

The respect and recognition that Mark Saunders has earned in North Carolina and beyond has also allowed him to expand into other similar business sectors. As a land and community developer, he has been able to design entire communities that neighbor golf courses, barrier islands, rivers and even the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. For those who live and work in southeastern North Carolina, the abundant opportunities to do work like this is why they stay here and that has certainly been the case for Mark Saunders.